Sports Activities

Sports activities take place every Wednesday after school from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Skilled staff coach pupils indoor and outdoor games like Netball, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Chess and Carom.

A sport meet is held every alternate year to give our pupils a chance to display their abilities in athletics. Our children also take part in athletic meets at Zonal Level; they qualify themselves to participate at Provincial Level and then, often move on to the National Level.

A.G Manazir & M.Akeel Ahamed

Moral Education Mortivation & Counselling

Our school places a great emphasis on moral education, which has been included as a part of our curriculum. Every effort is taken to produce well mannered and smart pupils through Moral Education.

Our attempts to develop young people of high caliber have taken the form of displaying meaningful quotations, slogans and charts exhibiting qualities such as punctuality, honesty, creativity, and bravery,traits that pupils should exhibit in their classrooms, the school compound as well as in the home atmosphere. These are implemented in order to inculcate positive thoughts regarding personality development.

In addition, using appreciative words, giving stars, stickers, choosing star of the week in all areas of education, curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities and awarding certificates & trophies is a unique system adopted here.

Counseling plays a major role in the present education system. We believe that through counseling programmes children can be corrected and guided to a greater extent.

Prefects Induction (2013)

We elect a Board of Prefects every year and give them various responsibilities to perform in and at important functions of the school. This enables the pupils to get practical life experience in developing their leadership qualities. Grade 4 upward pupils cast their vote to elect prefects.

Shadow prefects are allotted to each of the prefects in order for the younger children to learn how to function as prefects

Leadership Workshops

Leadership workshops by qualified resource persons are arranged for prefects and other senior children from time to time to inculcate leadership qualities and to mould their personality.

Religious & Cultural Events

In order to help students understand the value of their own religion, children are taken to their respective places of religious worship at the beginning of each academic year.  One of the main objectives of our school is to give our students an opportunity to know, understand and respect each other’s cultures. This knowledge goes a long way to bring peace and harmony among all ethnic groups of the country. Therefore, we organize religious days and Sinhala & Tamil Cultural Day with a lot of fun and enjoyment. Parents also actively take part in these great colourful and attractive events.