About Oxford International College

About Oxford International College

Oxford international College situated at Badulla stands itself as the largest and the oldest international educational institution in Uva province – Sri Lanka. Over the years, the rapid development in every sphere of collegial activities gained the reputation of being the most progressive and innovative college and now emerges as the corner stone of English Education in the whole district of Badulla.

With the same public image, which tends to be an everlasting encouragement, the well experienced and educated staff of the college extends their fullest co-operation to maintain a healthy parent – teacher and teacher- pupil relationship. We march onwards on the path of progress aspiring to make each and every student an intellectual and useful citizen in the competitive and challenging society of the 21st century.

Our vision is an institute of academic excellence where students can achieve full potential to become smart and cultured citizens from local to the global society.

OIC is an institute of excellence that transforms students’ lives by providing an exceptionally valuable and enduring, in nutshell, a quality education that brings together people, cultures, and ideas from all around immediate environment. The College encourages Students’ personal growth, local engagement, civic values, intellectual integrity, and global sensitivity, so that students will be in a position to flourish from local to the global society and will be inspired, further empowered to contribute at the highest level possible, meaningfully to the same.

The management and academic staff further strongly believe that our vision is achieved,

Recognizing and valuing the importance of the languages (mother tongues) and cultures of the students as a rich learning resource and supporting their development. Encouraging students to take part in a range of activities outside the formal curriculum, non formal and informal Interacting with international and local communities through the exchange of resources and knowledge Working in partnership with parents and guardians. To preparing students to be lifelong learners and achieve excellence, both in their studies and activities. To developing our students full potential

to stretch and promote, in addition to their understanding of academic subjects and to the development of their abilities in a wide range of activities, all the time leadership qualities, self-discipline and service and respect to others.

Developing partnership with our community—local, national, and global

Creating a respectful working environment for students and staff. Developing research skills, computer literacy and the ability to access, assess and apply information.

Our shared values are:
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Achievement

Knowledge Is Sight Class education towards smart citizen

The school got originally established as Uva International School in 1992 and four years later in 1996 it became Richland International School. In the year 2000 the present owners of Oxford International College took over the management of the school with the vision of providing quality education based on religious and moral principles while preserving national identity and Sri Lankan culture.

At the time of taking over of the management, there were only about 50 students on roll in the school and the number of teachers about eight. The children were on the move seeking admission to Government schools after completing the preschool education here in this school. To put an end to this process, and to bring the College to the present level. the management had to trudge a dreary way facing numerous challenges. And the concerted effort and the dedication of the management and qualified and experienced teachers brought the classes up to G.C.E. (O/L) within a period of few years.

Our panel of well-qualified teachers, Degree holders, Diploma holders and trained teachers both in the upper school as well as the nursery cover the wide ranging syllabus which is on par with the National Curriculum. We have employed qualified and experienced coaches who can handle all our extra/co-curricular activities. Very often we get requests from many teacher training institutes to give the internship training to their trainees


Like most schools in Sri Lanka, we too have developed our own curricula for primary and junior levels. This was done with caution as it is needed professional expertise and research. Thus we considered several important aspects in planning curricula that prepares the learners of today to face the challengers of tomorrow. We direct students to combine different types of subjects.(e.g. arts, business and sciences, etc….).

It is encouraging to see that there is a growing awareness of certain key factors in today’s curricula that contribute to the development of the child’s personality. Learning should address to skills and behaviours in addition to Knowledge. Incorporating Soft Skills in the early life of the student should be more emphasized. There is a great interest in combining academic and vocational qualifications, which, is a step taken for a right direction. It is therefore very important to expose the child for extracurricular, co-curricular activities, etc…

The clear educational values and standards are aimed at education in a structured, disciplined and balanced manner which will ultimately lead to the development of a fulfilled and resourced individual

Oxford International College aims at providing high quality Nursery, Primary and Secondary education for students of all nationalities of the locality. The college encourages and supports, at highest possible level and length, its students in all areas of all their educational routines, and spheres of development. The Oxford International College of excellence is a caring, stimulating and friendly learning environment where the teeny children can discover and achieve full potential in a truly local and international context.