Should I Change My Life My Self,

The first session of the above workshop was held successfully at Postal Complex Auditorium on 15th March,  2014. This was organized by the Oxford Alumni Association, especially for the parents and well-wishers of Oxford International College and the Resource Person at this workshop was Mr. M. Z.M Rizan, the Director, Oxford International College, Badulla.  The main objective of this workshop is to help the parents strengthen their child – parent relationship.  The session included many interesting activities to prove how far the parents get involved in their children’s life, pay attention to their children, influence their children and understand their children Etc.  Also, scores of priceless motivate thoughts were shared at this session.  Further there were a vast variety of video clips on ‘handling children.’  However, the Resource Person, our director made use of all available resources including time that  each and every second of this session turned out to be so precious.   On the whole it was a perfect session and gained the whole hearted appreciation of all the parents and well wishers who attended this session.    Sincere thanks to our Director Sir for conducting such an effective session.