Exam! A frightening word to all students! Also it is challenging. Some students are happy to face the exam, some are thrilled, some are stressed and however exams are compulsory. Somewhat a student has to face it. It gives the experience to face greater challenges in future and to reach our targets.

The responsibility of reducing the stress of our children totally lies on us. As teachers and parents we must motivate our children positively to face the exam happily So our Oxfordians also enthusiastically working hard for the past few weeks to prepare themselves to face the exam and now they are on the go ‘Facing the challenge.

As teachers, what does it mean to us? Are we setting easy papers and claiming to be excellent teachers and our students are bright OR setting harder papers and blaming our lovable students? Indeed, exam is the proper assessments of each and every teacher to analyze to what extent our hard work has been fruitful in our students’ life.