Teacher’s Day – 2017

The Students of Oxford International College celebrated Teacher’s Day on the 9th of October 2017, in a grand manner. The main frame work of organizing and planning, was done by the 2017 Batch of G.C.E (O/L) Students. They organized their own cars to take all the teachers along with Director Sir and Madam Directress on a parade all around the beautiful city of Badulla. At the completion of the parade, the teachers arrived at the Basket Ball court. The celebrations began with the prefects pinning badges on Director Sir and Madam Directress, thereafter on each of the Teachers and guided them to their honorable seats. Then flowed the items such as the Welcome Speech, a Welcome dance, the Teeny Wheeny’s cat walks, dances, games for teachers with many other surprises following one after the other. They also enriched the day with delicious food packs and cool drinks. Through all these endeavors the 2017 O/L Batch set a good example of ‘Leadership ‘ to the juniors.


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