College Events

Leaders are not born

Leaders are not born, leaders are made. We get to choose our own definitions. Perfects are the representative of the students, and the teachers helpers. They’re pioneers, and role models for the other students. So we need the prefects to be the best in all aspects, so that the others can follow their strides. From […]

Student Leadership in Action

This week students morning assembly was conducted by the fifth grade students of the Oxford International College. An exemplary example of what our school aims at developing life skills and leadership skills within a child Students not only get a chance to learn about event management but also develops a confidence in public speaking. We […]

Our Assembly Activities

Here’s our Assembly Activities at the Primary Section of Oxford. This helps create opportunities for children to try exciting new brain gym exercises and physical fun activities. Morning assembly activities make planning super easy and gets students practicing their skills in a fun and hands on way.

Children’s Day Celebrations

Childhood is the best portion in the lives of children, in which they should live happily. This phase also prepares them to be motivated and develops their ambition, which in turn would help them to attain a successful career in life. Children’s Day Celebrations at the primary section of Oxford International College – Badulla.

Cleanliness is important

Cleanliness is important,for it builds up a healthy environment that facilitates physical and mental well being and growth. Asking children to tidy up after themselves gives them discipline skills and a sense of responsibility and pride.These qualities will be useful as they grow older .They will be much more likely to keep their things and […]

Motivating Staff

So grateful to have such supportive and motivating staff in our kinder-garden sector of Oxford International College Badulla. It’s the happiest feeling when teachers of Oxford Badulla share stories of their achievements and growth that they have been receiving. These teachers work tirelessly setting a motivating environment for the fulfillment of the children’s potential. We […]

Vesak Festival

The Primary section organized the celebration of Vesak Festival on the 4th of May 2018. The children were taken to the Elders Home in Ridipana at 9.00 A.M with essential items for each elder. “We have to care our Elders”, was the theme and to make the child feel affection for elders was the intention […]

New Year Celebration

Each year the primary section organizes celebration for the Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festival. To give our children a better idea about the sri Lankan traditional customs was the idea for organizing this celebration. It was held on the 4th of April 2018 at the school premises from 9.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M. The […]