College Events

Leaders are not born

Leaders are not born, leaders are made. We get to choose our own definitions. Perfects are the representative of the students, and the teachers helpers. They’re pioneers, and role models for the other students. So we need the prefects to be the best in all aspects, so that the others can follow their strides. From […]

Student Leadership in Action

This week students morning assembly was conducted by the fifth grade students of the Oxford International College. An exemplary example of what our school aims at developing life skills and leadership skills within a child Students not only get a chance to learn about event management but also develops a confidence in public speaking. We […]

Our Assembly Activities

Here’s our Assembly Activities at the Primary Section of Oxford. This helps create opportunities for children to try exciting new brain gym exercises and physical fun activities. Morning assembly activities make planning super easy and gets students practicing their skills in a fun and hands on way.

Children’s Day Celebrations

Childhood is the best portion in the lives of children, in which they should live happily. This phase also prepares them to be motivated and develops their ambition, which in turn would help them to attain a successful career in life. Children’s Day Celebrations at the primary section of Oxford International College – Badulla.

Cleanliness is important

Cleanliness is important,for it builds up a healthy environment that facilitates physical and mental well being and growth. Asking children to tidy up after themselves gives them discipline skills and a sense of responsibility and pride.These qualities will be useful as they grow older .They will be much more likely to keep their things and […]

Motivating Staff

So grateful to have such supportive and motivating staff in our kinder-garden sector of Oxford International College Badulla. It’s the happiest feeling when teachers of Oxford Badulla share stories of their achievements and growth that they have been receiving. These teachers work tirelessly setting a motivating environment for the fulfillment of the children’s potential. We […]

Avurudu Celebration

Avurudu celebration of Oxford International college 2023 *The most beautiful things are not associated with money ;they are memories and moments*


“If your actions inspire others to dream more ,learn more,do more and become more ,you are a leader”

Vesak Festival

The Primary section organized the celebration of Vesak Festival on the 4th of May 2018. The children were taken to the Elders Home in Ridipana at 9.00 A.M with essential items for each elder. “We have to care our Elders”, was the theme and to make the child feel affection for elders was the intention […]

New Year Celebration

Each year the primary section organizes celebration for the Sinhala & Tamil New Year Festival. To give our children a better idea about the sri Lankan traditional customs was the idea for organizing this celebration. It was held on the 4th of April 2018 at the school premises from 9.00 A.M to 12.00 P.M. The […]

Visit Elders Home

Our Primary School kids were taken to Elders Home along with their gifts to mark the Vesak poya day

Farewell 2017 O/L Batch

Bidding of farewell to our 2017 O/L Batch was ceremonially organized on 04th December. Leaders of all four religions were invited and they motivated, encouraged and blessed our students who are going to sit for the G C E (O/L) Exams this year. After that Blessed time the teachers and the students were given an […]

Blooming Future Hopes

Our Pre-School Annual Graduation Ceremony “Blooming Future Hopes” was held glamourously on the 2nd of December 2017, at the Simon Peeris Memorial Hall The kids with their dynamic and energetic performances amazed the parents, well wishers and all the spectators at this function. All the parents were overwhelmed with their children’s performances and expressed their […]

Health Awareness Day

A child’s future could be threatened if parents do not take care of their health, because they work concentrating on the well being of their families. Knowing the value of parents to their children, Oxford International College has organized an awareness programme for parents “On how to keep one’s body and mind healthy” We do […]

Teacher’s Day – 2017

The Students of Oxford International College celebrated Teacher’s Day on the 9th of October 2017, in a grand manner. The main frame work of organizing and planning, was done by the 2017 Batch of G.C.E (O/L) Students. They organized their own cars to take all the teachers along with Director Sir and Madam Directress on […]

Children’s Day

To mark Universal Children’s Day, the students of Grade 4 & 5 were taken on a trip to Hambantota on the 3rd of October where they visited the Mattala Airport , the Harbour , the Hot water springs, Safari park etc. and enjoyed themselves very much .

Trip to Nuwara-Eliya

Our Primary school students were taken on a trip to Nuwara-eliya on 4th October to mark Universal Children’s Day. They visited the Victoria park and Gregory lake and went on boat rides and enjoyed themselves immensely.

Activities for Students

During the school vacation a series of motivational programmes which included different varieties of activities for Students was done by Mr.Yasmin Mubarak (Coach at Co-founder at Modern Learning Studio and Founder at Coaching and Learning For Life ). day to day the number of participants increased and these sessions benefited everyone who participated at the […]

Motivational Programmes

During the school vacation a series of motivational programmes which included different varieties of activities for Teachers. was done by our Director Mr.Rizan Zain and Mrs. Basnayaka. day to day the number of participants increased and these sessions benefited everyone who participated at the great amount.

Children’s Craft Exhibition

Our Pre-Schol Children’s Craft Exhibition 10thAugust 2017

Awareness programme

The second session of the Parents’ Awareness programme on ‘Should I Change Myself To Awaken A The Genius In My Child’ was conducted by NLP resource person Mr. Rizan Zain at the Y. M. M. A Hall, Badulla on 27.09.2014,and mostly all the parents attended this workshop eagerly. The key aim of this programme is […]

Annual ‘IFTAR’

Oxford International College celebrated their annual ‘IFTAR’ programme on Sunday the 18th of June 2017 from 05.30pm to 07.00 pm at the Hotel Grand Regency (previously known as Hotel Onix) Badulla. This sacred event was mainly observed to create an awareness about the multi-cultural understanding. The leaders of different religions the College Staff, Parents and […]

Environment Day

To celebrate the World Environment day we selected a different activity this year. In collaboration with the Municipal Council, Badulla, We chose to felicitate the health workers who clean our Environment daily which other people pollute . This event took place at the Badulla Town Hall on 6th June 2017 from 10.30 am to 02.30 […]

Honoring the Elderly

Honoring the elderly during Wesak by our primary students – 2017.05.09

Wesak Visit

Wesak visit to the Kilagoda Temple by our preschool students- 2017.05.08 papershredderworld made a real revolution in the industry.

New Year Celebration

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New Year Celebration

Our Primary Section New Year Celebration -2017.04.05

Preschool Fruit Day

Our Preschool Fruit Day on 16th March 2017

Preschool Playhouse

Our Preschool Playhouse -2017.02.09

Debate Competition

The Association of International Schools in Sri Lanka conducted a debate Competition at the Royal International College, Kegalle on Saturday 6th November 2016. Our Oxfordians, Sewmini, Sumesh, Naiha, Abhirami, Aysha and Nadha took part in this Competition. There were nine other International Schools who took part in this Competition. At the Preliminary round the Oxfordians […]


Exam! A frightening word to all students! Also it is challenging. Some students are happy to face the exam, some are thrilled, some are stressed and however exams are compulsory. Somewhat a student has to face it. It gives the experience to face greater challenges in future and to reach our targets. The responsibility of […]

Fruit Day Celebrations

The fruit day celebrations of our Preschool Section on 16th June.

Visit to Elders’ Home

Our Primary School ‘Wesak’ celebrations & Visit to Elders’ Home

Vesak Celebration

Our Preschool ‘Wesak’ celebrations on 19th May 2016.

Upper Section New Year

Upper section Sinhala & Tamil New year day Celebration was held on April 08th at the Badulla Botanical garden

Preschool New Year

Preschool Sinhala & Tamil New year day Celebration was held on April 07th at the Preschool premises.

Nursery Play Kingdom

Our Nursery Play Kingdom – 2016  

Independence Day

Our Independence day celebration  

Nursery Admission 2016

Ceremonial Function of Our Nursery Admission 2016 [6th of January 2016 ]

Fun Day & Kids Fair

Our Fun day & Kids Autumn Fair on 15th October 2015 at the Vincent Dias Stadium Badulla.

Graduations of Rizan Cyclopedia (GRC)

DATE : 1st of December 2014 VENUE : New Library Auditorium,Badulla at :2.30 pm

Ifthar Programme

The grand ‘Ifthar’ programme organized by the Oxford International College, Badulla was held glamorously at the Badulla Y.M.M.A Hall with the participation of the leaders of all religions on 19th July 2014. There was a large gathering of special invitees, well-wishers, parents, students and the staff and this valuable and blessed occasion provided an opportunity […]

Fathers’ Day

The ‘Fathers’ Day’ celebration of our college was held glamorously at the Badulla Botanical Gardens on 13th June, 2014. There was a large gathering of parents that all the children were delighted and encouraged by the presence of their parents. Students from all grades shared their compliments and amazed their Fathers with a wide range […]