Education System

Our main target, at this level, is to give a sound foundation in language skills which will enable pupils to enjoy their primary level education. Therefore, at this stage, we follow a neat combination of the London and the Indian syllabi. A variety of teaching materials (Audio/Visual aids) English Language, Mathematics, Science, Environmental Studies Sinhala, Tamil, Religion, Computer Science, English Literature, General Knowledge, Western Music, Art & Craft, are included in the curriculum. Moral Studies, Speech & Drama are also taught are used to give the learners a thorough knowledge of the subject. Thus our children get a complete Primary Level Education that is equivalent to the standards maintained by other recognized international schools

At present we have classes from Pre-school to O/L and we switch on to the Sri Lankan syllabus at Grade Six.

In addition to the subjects taught at primary level, Geography, History, Citizenship Education, Health Science, Home Science, Commerce, Business Studies and Accounts have been included in the curriculum to go in par with the public school syllabus. Our teachers make every effort to present interesting lessons with vivid audio-visual aides to every class. Further we direct our pupils to handle the web for extra information on the subject they study.

Necessary plans are being designed to commence A/L classes in the near future.

We conduct unit tests and term tests to monitor the progress of the students. After the completion of each unit, teachers are expected to check the comprehension skill of each student by scheduling a unit test paper. Term tests are held at the end of March, July and November every year. In addition, we get down public school question papers every term to give our children an experience about the format of those question papers and to check on the standard they have achieved.

After each examination special classes are organized after school hours with a view to help the students who do not achieve the expected level, to come up to a satisfactory standard

Although the pupils receive subject knowledge through classroom teaching, some  find it difficult to retain important things in their minds. Therefore, “Study Aid” work plan sessions are arranged in order  to help and guide such pupils gain maximum benefit from lessons taught in the  classes. The students are provided with important study tips that help them in many ways such as to improve their memory power, taking down notes in the proper manner, frame their time schedule etc

Our Vision

Our vision is an institute of academic excellence where students can achieve full potential to become smart and cultured citizens from local to the global society.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Achievement

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