How to Apply

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Our applications are readily available in the printed form at the Registrar’s Office at the college or they might be downloaded via the link on the Download Page page.

Please make sure you include the following documents and forward your applications to the Registrar

  • Duly Completed Application Form – Download Here
  • School Rule & Regulation form signed by Parent or Guardian
  • Duly Completed Medical Form – Download Here
  • Birth Certificate with Photocopy
  • One Passport Size Photograph
  • Leaving Certificate from the previous School attended


Oxford International College has extended its reputation for excellence across Uva and its suburbs, over the last decade in order to reach the present enrollment.

Our college education system emphasizes participating in all aspects of school life and the educational benefits which ensure and require a high command over the English language which is the medium of teaching and learning.

Students from all walks of life are most welcome to join Oxford as our college maintains a diverse and multicultural environment to preserve its national identity

Classes are conducted from Montessori to grade 11 and Oxford caters for children from 2- 16 years.

The admission of a child to Oxford International College would be decided after a placement test

The placement test will be on all aspects – English language, Mathematics, First language (Tamil/ Sinhala) and General Knowledge. However, assessment of numeracy and non verbal reasoning abilities aims to recognize academic potential rather than highlight low levels of English. Very young children, who absorb language as part of their normal development, are not expected to have high language ability

Our college’s normal procedure is to scrutinize the progress of newly admitted children for a few weeks to ensure whether the children are placed accordingly. If the first placement has been inappropriate, the management reserves the right to reassign him/ her to another grade


If you are looking out for a pleasant, well renowned institution in which you may like to render your services, please visit our Oxford International College, one of Uva’s premier international colleges. Oxford International College invites you to join the Oxford Family.

We are presently looking for persons, who are qualified to teach English language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Civics, Tamil & Sinhala Languages, Religion (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity), Computer Science, Commerce, Health & Physical Education, Western  Music, Art & Craft, Speech & Drama, etc…

If you are fluent in English and posses the necessary qualifications to teach any of the above subjects, the relevant application forms are readily available for you on our website (Download Application)