Message from the Managing Director

It is with great pleasure that I tend myself  to  welcome you to Oxford International College, the  largest and the oldest educational institution of Uva Province situated at Badulla —Sri Lanka. This website intends  giving a clear profile of Oxford  international school, which could be accessed by those who are interested, especially, potential parents

Originally established as Uva International School in 1992 and four years later in 1996 Oxford International College  was named Richland International School. The present owners  took over the management of the school in the year 2000

Ever since its new establishment in 2000, I should mention with great respect that Mrs. Farzana Nazeer, the Administrative Director of Oxford International College has advocated and developed actions and  lots of activities with the purpose of providing quality and  class education based on religious and moral principles, while preserving national identity and Sri Lankan culture. Thus the celebrated vision of the College emerged to be an institute of academic excellence where students can achieve full potential to become smart and cultured citizens from local to the global society.

Further, her far reaching vision  tended her to   set up a  well equipped Science Laboratory, Computer Laboratory and spacious and  well equipped class rooms along with the library  And she recruited  sufficient numbers of adequately and highly qualified teachers with whose assistance we were  and still we are able to achieve our objective of imparting a holistic education which enabled our students to emerge as well balanced individuals. And it is  with their guidance  Oxford International College is in a position  to offer a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities comprising sports, cultural, literary and social activities.

We are indebted to our former principal Mrs. Anne Duff of Australia, for her kind gesture of donating a large volume of books which paved the way to bring the library to its present  standard .

We are also greatly indebted to Mr. Stan Duff ( “SMAC” foundation Australia ) the former Chief Engineer of Road Construction for the valuable contribution made towards equipping the students with high quality band instruments.

I will be failing in my duty if I do not avail myself of this valuable opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to all those past and present members of the staff and the well wishers   for their invaluable and inexpressible   service rendered towards the development of the College.

Our system of education is structured and comprises the Lower Primary, Primary and upper School.

Over the years, rapid development in every sphere of collegial activities gain the reputation of being the most progressive and innovative college and now emerges as the corner stone of English Education in the whole district of Badulla. Though high standard, achieved in English is treated as one of our main strengths,   we believe in imbuing our students with the values of our most cherished cultures and traditions.

Our system of education is structured and comprises the Lower Primary, Primary, Middle School and Our  academic staff is a professional team committed, experienced, highly qualified and, working hard to deliver a class and quality education  within the limits of the curriculum.

Our non-academic staff forms another  committed team always concerned with  the assigned duties, cleanliness of the premises  welfare of the students and the academic staff.

All our  children in our school live in a diverse community, multicultural, multinational and multilingual, and  a great emphasis is laid on mutual respect and tolerance, as our aim is to promote unity in diversity through harmonious co-existence.

It is indeed a great pleasure to mention that we organized the annual events such as the school prize giving, sport meets, concerts, New year  celebrations, Wesak,  Christmas Carols, English Day, Environment Day etc. very successfully Further, it should be said that  the college  English society, Sinhala society and the Science society are functioning quite efficiently.

With the all above, it has got to be highlighted that the public exams results   have always been 100% and we expect their standards to continue in the years to come.

I should say that you are hereby encouraged to regularly check our website and read about our exciting curricular, co curricular and extracurricular activities. We look forward to very faithfully  serving our loving parents  and their beloved children attending our school  over the coming years. And  interested and potential parents are always  encouraged to contact our College  and  ask any questions that they may have regarding our school and the programmes that we launch and intend offering.

Let me say very sincerely that it is with great pleasure that, I issue this minute message on the occasion of the opening of the new College  website and I sincerely  wish all the children, and members of the the staff all success  a very rewarding and successful experience at Oxford International School.

Thanks for a very smooth and organized start up to the year 2014 and I request please regularly look at our website for all on-going communication and information .

We look forward to meeting you.

Rizan Zain, Managing Director, Oxford International College, Badulla, Sri Lanka.